New Zealand’s mountainous terrain has created many stunning waterfalls.  Locals and tourists alike seem to be drawn to these magical vistas.

The galleries below give a glimpse of some of the stunning waterfalls to be found throughout New Zealand’s hinterland.

Whispering Falls, Aniseed Valley, Tasman

These falls are a short 20 min drive from Richmond to a carpark in the Aniseed Valley.  The area is popular in the summer as there is a large swimming pond in the river beside the carpark.  A relatively easy 3 km walk beside the river takes you up to the falls.  There are two falls, a smaller one accessed initially and then the main falls are accessed via a track up through the native bush.


This 360-degree panorama shows the main falls.



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Wainui Falls, Golden Bay

The Wainui Falls are a half-hour walk up through native bush beside the Wainui River.  The falls are accessed from a carpark located in Wanui Inlet just off Abel Tasman Drive in Golden Bay.  It will take approximately 2 hours to drive from Nelson to the carpark for the falls.  The drive involves going over the Takaka Hill road, which is a steep and winding road.

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Whiskey Falls – Nelson Lakes National Park

The Whiskey Falls are located close to the southern end of Lake Rotoiti.  They are accessed either by a 5-hour return walk along the Lake Rotoiti circuit track, starting at a carpark on the Mount Robert road (and returning the same way), or by water taxi across the lake followed by a 10 minute walk up to the falls.

The falls drop roughly 40 m from the side of Mount Robert.  They are named after an illicit whiskey still that was found there in the 1880’s.

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